Skylar Mika Memorial Pet Care Fund

In loving memory of Skylar Grayson Mika.


The Skylar Mika Pet Care Fund subsidizes the cost of non-elective veterinary services including surgical procedures, quality of life dentistry, and medical care (hospitalization, diagnostics, and treatment) for cases that have a positive prognosis. It does not cover routine exams, vaccinations, food (including prescription diets), routine spays/neuters and general prophylactic dental care.

Qualifying Candidates

  • You provide your pet with routine veterinary care.
  • Your pet has received a good survival prognosis.
  • The pet owner demonstrates financial need and can make a financial contribution toward the cost of the animal’s care.
  • There must be evidence of a significant and compelling human-animal bond between the owner and their pet.
  • The pet owner is willing and able to provide recommended follow-up care.


Financial Pre-Requisites

  • Qualifying applicants receive assistance from one of the following programs: SNAP, Social Security Income (SSI), Texas Medicaid, Housing Assistance, WIC, Living Assistance, Unemployment Insurance or Healthcare.
  • Qualifying applicant has attempted to access funds via ScratchPay and CareCredit and the application was denied or funds were insufficient to cover full cost of the pet’s necessary treatment.
  • Families that have some sort of financial burden due to extenuating circumstances may apply, and must provide a detailed account as to why the financial assistance is needed.


Pay-It-Forward Statement

Recipients of funds are asked to sign a voluntary Pay-It-Forward statement:

I understand that money donated to save the life of my pet was contributed by animal-lovers like me who believe that cherished pets should not suffer untreated or die simply because of their family’s financial circumstances.

I recognition of the generosity of other, I pledge that I will consider reimbursing the funds provided for my pet’s care, in whole or in part, as future financial circumstances may permit.

I understand that this pledge is voluntary and non-binding. Any reimbursement on my part is a voluntary gift made in gratitude for the lifesaving help my pet has received, and with the hope that other cherished pets will be saved as mine has been saved.