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  • Dr.Smith and the entire staff are wonderful! Everyone is kind and compassionate and take great care of our fur babies. Easy and efficient in scheduling appointments. Thank you for what you do!
    Shannon Mayville
  • My babies have been through a lot. It was very expensive for us with 2 difficult issues but the Vets seemed & are current on "most" of what's going on with the world these days. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LAC! They are as current as I've found, did an AMAZING job by using my male baby's own DNA to make a special eye drop! This process saved his eye!! But my female is just as bad today, after quite a lot of $, and about a year since coming back after the thyroid pills didnt work. My baby girl is experiencing the exact same symptoms as before. A different diagnosis and now on the 7th Veterinary Clinic which gave her a shot, examined both dogs and she did well for a month and 3 boughts in a row now. I believe test results a family member & my girl got after scraping affected area says it all. It's staph and skin infections from a mix of bacteria, microbes and pathogens present in our bad environment. The home tested positive so much of the same & really is considered by EPA standards, an unsafe environment although this remains controversial still and it's been around, it is talked about in the Bible! At this time there are only a handful or 2 Drs practicing in larger cities & not many Vets current on our particular situation either. It's pretty rare. I've began a search for answers and researched this for 5 years and still nothing is clear, contradictions galore, you either believe or you refuse to look further. But not one hears me! Scientists are just recently coming forward & research is being done in many locations as well as foundations. Still hard to find. Definately no one local. In the Fannin County area, by far THE BEST VETERINARY CLINIC AROUND here. Not their fault on what's happening to my baby...
    Janna Powell
  • 4.5 Google Rating