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  • Found out I spoil my Dixie too much but other than being 6lbs over recommended weight she's doing good. Very friendly and helpful.
    Larry Lockaby
  • The staff here are absolutely amazing , welcoming and professional. We came here after our local vet in Bonham turned us down after going there 10 years because we werent "established clients" . Meaning basically we dont bring out animals in monthly and buy their recommended dog food they pushed on us every single time. Totally unacceptable. we had just came in from denison animal emergency and they only keep your pets until close they only are open weekends and after hour emergency hours. we were left scrambling in the parking lot to look for a reputable vet whom would take our dog in last minute. They treated him with care and by 4pm he was 80% back to himself and is currently resting and not in pain. he had an infected and enlarged prostate . I am unsure of every single bad review as its common sense you need to be seen for any vet to give an accurate estimate and unfortunately our furbabies are an expense and sometimes a big expense . we are in 2500 total and the this clinic only charged us 200 for a biopsie total 400 for everything this is more than fair . I suggest when anyone buys a pet be prepared for expensive vet bills. its pretty much common sense . glad to found our local to us vet and will be our now regular vet . Thank you guys so much .
    Kenneth Couper (Couper Pool & Spa)
  • 4.5 Google Rating